Monday, August 28, 2006


To continue with the list of covers I have received from “exotic” countries (at least exotic for me, a French philatelist), here is a cover I got from Mongolia, two or three years ago. Mongolia has not a very good reputation these days among philatelists because of its strange stamp issuing policy. This cover comes from the Union of Mongolian Philatelists. I got it though the CCCC, the cover circuit club that I already mentioned in a previous post.
This cover bears four stamps issues on the 13th of August 1990. Even if they are not of the same size, the four stamps belong to the same set. They picture various aspects of Mongolian cultural heritage. The top left stamp pictures the well know Genghis Khan.
It is a pity that the postmark is not readable at all. But still, I’m happy I got this cover.

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