Wednesday, August 16, 2006

For any reason I could not update my blog yesterday : blogger did not allow me to upload any pictures. It seems to work today.
During the last four days I have spent a significant number of hours scanning stamps to update my frog stamps website ( It is a shame, I’m so late in the update of my site. But it takes so much time. I do it all by hand. And since I have started this blog, I hardly find enough time for the website. But I have made towards myself a clear commitment to put on line the rest of my frog stamps collection before the end of the year. I think this is feasible (I still have more than one hundred stamps not displayed on my website, plus a lot of postmarks, postal stationeries and miscellaneous stuff).
So what could I show you today if not frog stamps ;-)
This impressive and colorful stamp sheet comes from Peru. It has been issued the 23rd of November 1998. For people interested the stamps picture (from left to right and top to bottom) the following species:

a) Amazon leaf frog (Agalychnis craspedopus)
b) Horned frog (Ceratophrys cornuta) : isn’t it ugly ?
c) Manu poison frog (Epipedobates macero)
d) White line frog (Phyllomedusa vaillanti)
e) Biolat poison frog (Dendrobates biolat)
f) Sumaco horned tree frog (Hemiphractus proboscideus)

As far as I know, all those species can be actually found in Peru. Very often, some countries do issue stamps picturing frogs that have never been seen in their region or even on their continent!
What is funny is that c) and e) are species that have been discovered quite recently (1993 and 1992). This is astonishing that we still discover new frog species in this recent time.

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