Friday, August 11, 2006

Famous Eric on stamps

After reading an article in an old philatelic newspaper I have decided to start a new collection. I want to gather stamps that picture somebody whose first name is “Eric” or that picture anything related to somebody called “Eric”. A sort of collection of “famous Eric on stamps”! Yesterday evening I decided to browse my stamps catalogs to see what could be available for such collection. After few minutes I realized that it would be more difficult than planned, and that there would not be so much material for such collection. Which is good news for my finances ;-)
Among French stamps I found only two. The first one pictures the famous composer Erik Satie. This stamp belongs to a set issued in 1992.
The second one pictures Eric Tabarly, the very famous navigator born in 1931 in Nantes and who was unfortunately lost at sea in 1998. This stamp was issued on 2000.

I think that’s all for French stamps. Now I have to go through other countries. So if you want to help me, and if you know any stamps picturing an Eric (or Erik, or Erick, or Erich, or Eriq… yes there are some people called Eriq with a q ! For instance the actor who played Dr Benton in the TV serials “E.R”… may be he is the only one ;-) ) then let me know. Thank you for your help. I will keep you informed on this blog on the progress of my new collection.

Have a great philatelic weekend.

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chickenstampy6669 said...

Nice new Topic you have there.
Think Cees (Kees, Cornelis,Cor,Cornelius) will be difficult to get too.
Will look for Eric and lookalikes for you....