Thursday, August 17, 2006

Engraved seals from Greece

I have already mentioned here in this blog my interest for archeology and for ancient times. I do not specifically collect stamps about archeology (except if they are related to Ancient Egypt) but I’m always interested when I see stamps dealing with ancient civilizations (if you are interested, there is an international philatelic association related to archeology : the Old World Archeological Study Unit, ).
I was therefore quite happy when I received these stamps, coming from a contact in Greece. I really like these stamps. They have been issued the 10th of May 1976 and they picture designs from Creto-Mycanean engraved seals (from around 1500/1400 BC). The stamps show common subjects that can be found on such seals : a lion attacking a bull, two aquatic birds, a wounded bull, a head of Silenus (an ancient god) and a cow feeding a calf.

I got those stamps through a stamps swap circuit. I like to receive, from time to time, mint stamps from any countries, even if they do not fit exactly in my collections. I usually search for information on those stamps and I learn a lot of interesting things through this exercise. A very nice and easy way to extend my culture

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Fran said...

If you enjoyed the OWASU web site on archaeology, perhaps you might also like one on the Neandertal man at

Enjoyed your blog entries.

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