Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Da Vinci code

Some times ago, I was coming back home from work by bus, reading the last pages of “Da Vinci Code” the famous book from Dan Brown. I rather liked it, even if I’m not sure it is worth all the noise that was made around it. When closing the book I was thinking that this could be a good material for a thematic collection : trying to gather stamps picturing places and paintings that are mentioned in the book (it shows you how crazy I am…). That could be funny. Then only few days later, I read in a philatelic newspaper that somebody already had this idea (it seems there was a short note on this in Linn’s stamps news). I was so disappointed not to be the first one to have this idea! Still, it could be a funny idea.
I just thought back to this story yesterday, so it made me feel like showing you this stamp (yes, again a French stamp, and recess-printed ! Adrian will be happy ;-) ). This is the only French stamp I know picturing Leonardo Da Vinci. The stamp has been issued in 1952 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Da Vinci’s birth. The stamp has been designed by Albert Decaris, a great stamp designer.
On the background on the stamp you can see views of Florence (on the right) and Amboise (on the left). Amboise is a small French city where Da Vinci has spent the last part of his life and where he has died. And guess what ? Amboise is located near Tours, where I have spent the weekend. I have even been to Amboise during this weekend. There you can visit the “Clos Lucé” the place where he has lived and died

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