Friday, August 18, 2006

Cover from Kazakhstan

To finish the week, another cover I received recently. This time it comes from Kazakhstan. Again a country from which I never got mail before! The stamps I like on this cover are the pair of “Taurus” stamps. They belong to a set issued in 1997 and picturing Zodiac’s constellations. Here the sender made the right choice (by pure accident) : he chose two stamps picturing the Taurus constellation and this is my Zodiac’s sign! I rather like those stamps, I think they have a nice design.
The other stamp (on the top right) has been issued in 1993 and pictures the president Nasarbajev. The one on the left corner is from 1996 and picture hunting dogs. I don’t have any information on the last small one. I guess this is a definitive stamp. It bears the indication 2005 but I could not find anything in my catalogs.

I hope the weather will be better during the weekend then in the last days. It has been raining almost everyday. Have a great weekend.

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cddstamps said...

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