Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Change of postal rate

On the 1st of October, the French post will increase the rate for postal service for national and international mails. This will be the occasion for a new set of definitive stamps bearing the new face values. As you know probably, the current definitive stamps used in France are picturing Marianne, the symbol of republic. The current Marianne is called Marianne de Lamouche (from its designer Thierry Lamouche) or also Marianne des Français. The one which is shown here is the 0.55€ Marianne, corresponding to the current rate for standard mail to Europe.

Here are some examples of the change of rate:

  • Below 20g, internal to France : from 0.53€ to 0,54€ : the associated stamp is red and does not bear any face value, meaning it is not affected by the change of rate
  • Below 50g, internal to France : from 0.82€ to 0,86€
  • Below 20g, to European Union (including Switzeland) : from 0,55€ to 0,60€,
  • For the rest of the world : 0,85€

Note that in the current rate the world is divided in three zones (A, B,C) and in the new one the world is only divided in two : European countries and the rest. It means that the rate will actually decrease for mail to remote countries…
On the official website of the French Post they explain that even with this change, the postal rate for a letter from France to EEC remains below the average witch is 0,76€ (0,70 in Germany for instance).

Already the stamps that will be issued next week, will bear the new face value of 0,54€.

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