Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Beijing 2008

At the beginning of August, Chinese post has issued a new set of four stamps related to the next Olympic Games that will be held in 2008 in Beijing. An yesterday, when coming back home, I had the pleasure to fin in my mail box this very nice hand made FDC with the four stamps, sent by one of my Chinese pen pals (the condition of the cover is much better than it looks on the scan).
These four stamps picture some of the official pictograms that have been designed specifically for this 29th Olympiad. The pictograms will be used locally fro the road orientation system and also on TV. There are 35 different pictograms, and there should be at the end, 35 stamps ! The first four picture the pictograms for basketball, Fencing, Sailing and Gymnastic. Here is the complete set of the 35 pictograms. They have been designed based on an old style of Chinese calligraphy.

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