Monday, August 14, 2006

2010 FIFA World cup... already !

This weekend has been very rainy in Paris. So I had plenty of time to sort out my stamps and read some philatelic newspapers. One of them was the July/September issue of SETEMPE, the philatelic magazine of South African Post Office. I could read in it that the Soufh African Post Office has issued the 7th of July, the first souvenir sheet commemorating the 2010 FIFA World cup. The 2006 version is just over and we have already a stamp for the Soccer World cup that will be held in four years ! Not bad for the soccer stamps collectors, no ?
In the article presenting the souvenir sheet, they explain that they wanted to give a different look to this stamp, they wanted it to look as "african" as possible. Hence the choice of the African wild dog, standing on a soccer ball. The African wild dog is one of the most endagered predators of Africa and can be found only in Africa south of Sahara. They chose this animal because it always works in a team, similar to soccer players (sic)! The red sun behind the dog emphazises the african look, as also the design of the stamp sheet itself, picturing King Proteas (Protea cynaroides) the national flower of South Africa.
I can not really say that I like this souvenir sheet, but I wanted to show it to you because I find it very original. I think it is very different from all the soccer stamps and souvenir sheets that I have seen before. Just because of this, and because of the effort done by the South African Post office to give a local color to this worldwide event, I think it was worth mentionning it.

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