Thursday, July 27, 2006

Summer holidays

I’m in the holiday mood today! Tonight I’m on holidays for one week. I will leave tomorrow for Avignon (located in Provence, in the south east of France) and I’ll come back next Thursday. I’m not sure I’ll have a Web access there, so I will probably not update my blog before next week.
To illustrate this post I have chosen a stamp issued by French post in 1938 (the 20th if June 1938 to be more accurate). A nice recess-printed stamps, as they were all at this time. The stamp pictures a famous place in Avignon : the Popes’ Palace (le palais des papes). This is the biggest Gothic palace in all of Europe, with 15.000 sq meters of floor space. Its construction was started in 1335 and completed twenty years later, under the leadership of two popes, Benedict XII and his successor Clement VI.
Avignon is also famous for the yearly Theater Festival that takes place in July. This festival was created in 1947, and every year, the most prestigious performances of this festival are given in the Honor Courtyard of the Popes’s palace.
So I will leave the heat wave of Paris (even though while I’m typing this post it is raining…) for the heat wave of Provence. See you in one week, and until then have a great time with yours stamps.

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Have a great trip