Thursday, July 06, 2006

Spring in Germany

I haven’t much time to write today but I wanted to show you this cover I received few months ago. It comes from Germany, a very trendy place these days with the Soccer World Cup. I find this cover simple but beautiful (it reminds me a motto that my company has used for some time : make it simple, it will be beautiful). The fuzzy area on the top left corner is the address of the sender that I have hidden for privacy reason. In fact this is a first day cover for the stamp stuck on the top right corner. This stamp has been issued the 13th of April 2006 and belongs to a set of four stamps about the four seasons. This one pictures Spring. I do not really see the need to have a stamp for each season, but well, may be this is a sort of message stamps, as the ones we also have in France : this is a girl, this is a boy, thank you, happy birthday etc. This time this is a stamp just to say this is Spring. What I like on this cover is the postmark that I find really cute. I made a close up of the stamp and postmark so that you can better see it. Nice postmark for a topical collection about birds.

And finally in case you don’t know : France is in final of the Soccer World Cup ! Allez les bleus!

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