Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Silver stamps

During the last stamp fair, Le Salon du Timbre, the French post has created a small surprise in the philatelic world by issuing a silver Marianne stamp ! As you probably know, Marianne is the symbol of French republic and is pictured on the French definitive stamps. The current definitive stamp design is called La Marianne de Lamouche, because it has been designed by Thierry Lamouche. This design has been selected in 2004 after a national contest on the subject “Marianne and the protection of the environment”. It is now used on the definitive stamp since 2005.
This silver issue in a first time for French post as far as I know. I don’t remember any other stamps issued in silver in France. The stamp has a face value of 5 euro and can be used for postal service. But honestly who’s going to send a cover with a silver stamp traveling through the postal service, taking the risk to have it damaged ? The stamp is quite fragile anyway. As you can see on the scan, it is sold in a packaging the size of a credit card.
This is again an example of a stamp issue made for collectors. Is there really a need for a silver stamp ? I have some doubt. On the other hand the result is quite nice so why not.
Another surprise is under preparation : tomorrow the French post should issue a stamp “Merci les bleus” to thank the French team for their good result so far in the Soccer World cup. And we haven’t won yet the semi-final ! If you want to know more about this stamp (and if you read French) you can check the excellent blog of Dominique who also display a picture of this stamp at :

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Adrian said...

Hi Eric

That's great news! It may be a rather philatelic product but I find philatelic definitives always less of a problem than all those philatelic commemoratives that we get buried under. So I'll be certainly ordering mine to keep my Marianne collection complete (well, sort of anyway!)