Friday, July 07, 2006

Origami on stamps ?

No stamp picture today. Because as you will see I did not find the one I was looking for. In fact I need your help, my fellow readers, to fulfill a quest. Here are some details.
On top of philately I have several other hobbies. One of them is Origami. In case you don’t know, Origami is the art of folding paper. It comes from Japan and the objective is to create beautiful models using only paper folding, without cutting and without glue. I find this exercise very relaxing. At least as relaxing as sorting my stamps! I’m still a beginner at Origami, I have unfortunately not enough time to practice a lot. But some people can do fantastic things. Now where is philately in all that ? This week I was wondering if there is any stamp picturing Origami ? Any stamp showing the act of paper folding or even a completed model. I tried to find one but I failed. So I thought that may be some of you could help me to find out if there are any stamps on this subject. I guess the highest probability if from Japan. So if you know any, please send me a mail with information about the stamp and I’ll try to find it for my private collection. And I will show it on my blog.Just to conclude, in case you haven’t seen any Origami art, here is a picture of a paper frog made by Robet J. Lang ( Nice, isn’t it ?

Have a great weekend, see you next week.

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