Monday, July 17, 2006

Norfolk island

I’m back from Manchester where I have spent four days. The weather was just wonderful and I have had a very nice time. I could relax a lot. I was staying in a very luxurious hotel, in fact this trip was a part of my 40th birthday gift. I do know why but I always wanted to visit Manchester, somebody remembered it and offered me this very nice trip.
Now back to stamps ;-) I must admit, that before receiving this cover, I did not know where the Norfolk island was located. I know it’s a shame, but geography has never been my preferred area at school. When I got this cover I checked my atlas to know where it was and I finally found out that this is a small island located near Australia, on the east side. This is something I appreciate when receiving covers from all over the world : to discover some places that I did not know before or that I would not be able to locate on a map. The two stamps on the left belong to a set of stamps issued in 2004 and commemorating the 100th anniversary of the first powered flight. The long stamp on the right belongs to a set picturing landscape of the island. Once again I’m impressed by the quality of the postmarks which do not spoil the stamps and still remain very readable. Overall I think this is a very nice cover.

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