Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Flowers from Czech republic

Last weekend I have spent some time trying to clean up the mess among all the covers I have received since several years, and I have selected few of them to be shown here on my blog. This is the case of the Iceland cover of yesterday’s post, and this is the case of this cover. It comes from Czech Republic. I like fauna and flora on stamps, and I think this cover is quite simple but beautiful. The sender took care to find stamps that are related together even if they don’t belong to the same issue. He took great care when preparing the cover and sticking the stamps, also securing the cover so that it does not get damaged (bent) during the transport. Very often I receive covers from philatelists on which the stamps are not well stuck and they finally get torn. This is really a pity. On my side I always try to make sure that everything will be al right, sticking the stamps correctly, and putting something hard in the cover so it does get bent.

Some words about the stamps. The small one, on the left side belongs to the definitive set and has been issued the 22nd of October 2003. It pictures a cornflower (Centaura cyanus), a very common flower in Europe. The two others belong to a set of four issued the 12th of March 1997 about flowers. The one on the left pictures a Dog’s tooth violet (Erythronium desn-canis), an edible plant native to Europe. The second one pictures a Lady’s slipper orchid (Cypripedium calceolus) which is widespread in Europe and very often pictured on stamps!

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