Tuesday, July 25, 2006

First time

Some months ago, I have read an interesting article in “Topical time” (the bi-monthly publication of ATA, the American Topical Association) about first time in topical philately. The purpose of the article was to find the first time a specific topic appeared on a stamp. For instance what stamp pictured a plane for the first time ? Several topics were reviewed like that. And as you can imagine, I can to the question : when did a frog appear for the first time on a stamp ? (it has been a long time since last time I spoke about frog on stamps no? :-) ). The very first appearance of a frog on a stamp would be this one :

This is a stamp from French Guyana, issued the 2nd of June 1947. In fact this stamp belongs to a set of ten stamps, with all the same design but different colors. The stamps picture a seal which contains the silhouette of a frog. You’ll tell me, yes but this is not a postage stamp, this is a revenue stamp. And you’ll be right.So if we stick to postage stamp, the first appearance would be on this stamp from Netherlands, issued the 13th of November 1950. It belongs to a set dedicated to children, and pictures a girl playing with a toad.

Another early appearance, worth to mention is this one :

This stamps is form China, issued the 1st of December 1953. It belongs to a set about inventions from ancient scientists. It pictures a seismograph. This is a very ancient type of seismograph invented in China. The principal is the following : all around the central vase, there is a set of dragons. Each dragon carries a ball in its mouth. In front of each dragon, there is a mouth. When a seism comes, one of the ball falls from the mouth of the dragon to the mouth of the frog. The ball indicates the direction of seism. This seismograph is pictured in various stamps or postal stationary from China and I s quite interesting to see, I think.
Now if we restrict our research to the first stamp picturing an identifiable frog, then this will be this stamp :

Issued by Yugoslavia the 8th of June 1962, it pictures a Yellow-bellied toad (Bombina pachypus). In fact this stamp belongs to a set containing another stamp with a frog but I don’t have this second one so I can not show it to you.

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chickenstampy6669 said...

Nice story, think I am going to find the first chicken on a stamp. Maybe also the 1950 serie, from our country,for childrens welfare.