Thursday, July 20, 2006

A cover from Taiwan

Again a very busy day of work is waiting for me so I will be short today. I wanted to show you this cover that I received from George, a reader from Taiwan, who also maintains a very good blog (the blog about ATM referred in the link section). Nice cover, isn’t it ? Thank you George ! The stamps used on this cover picture scenic spots from Taiwan and they express the pleasure of travel.
If I understood well, they are stamps that can be personalized, i.e. they are also sold in a version with a label bearing a customized design. As the famous “smiler sheets” that we can find in Great Britain (I wonder why they are called smiler sheets ?), or the “Timbres personalisés” that French post is selling. More and more countries are issuing such personalized stamps. The majority has chosen the same idea : a label bearing the customized design is printed se-tenant to the stamp. But in some countries the customized design is directly printed on the stamp it self. I think this is more interesting. Some time ago I wanted to start a collection of worldwide personalized stamps, ordering from all countries where it is possible customized stamps with picture of my face ! But I finally gave up when I saw how expensive such exercise would be. And having my face on a stamp is funny, but is it really needed ? I wonder if those personalized stamps are really a commercial success or not ?

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