Friday, July 21, 2006

Coral reefs from Cocos (Keeling) islands

Did I tell you already that I “sort of” collect stamps from Australia ? Why “sort of” ? Because I don’t really do it with the objective to have a complete collection but I’m more in an “accumulation” process. Why Australia ? Because I have been there twice already and I have fallen in love with this country. I’m currently thinking about my next trip to Australia (unfortunately not before mid or end 2007). As a sort of souvenir, I have subscribed to new issues from Australia. Yesterday I have received the sending for the second quarter and among various stamps and sheets, there was this sheet, from Cocos (Keeling) Islands. I found it rather impressive and I decided to show it here. This souvenir sheet has been issued the 13th of June 2006 by Autsralian post, and shows the diversity and abundance of the marine life in the Cocos islands, including corals. I think the result is quite spectacular. On the other hand I’m wondering… a sheet of 20 stamps… isn’t it too much ? At the end it seems to be more an issue for philatelists than an issue to fulfill real postal needs. No ? Never mind, I like it anyway.

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