Monday, July 24, 2006

About some French new issues

My only activity related to stamps during last weekend has been to sort out the latest French new issues that I have bought to put them in my stock book. And doing this, I realized two interesting things that I hadn’t detected before and that I wanted to mention here. The first one concerns the stamp issued by French post on the 26th of June 2006 and commemorating the 100Th anniversary of the French Open of Golf.
The design of the stamp itself is quite simple and not very exceptional. I like the format, it is a square which is not so common within recent French stamps. But what is more interesting is that the stamp is slightly embossed so that it’s surface looks like the surface of a Golf ball. Of course you can not see it on the scan, but when you hold the stamp in the light, it appears clearly and it gives a rather nice result.
The second fact concerns another stamp issued the 26th of June (in fact they both belong to the bunch of stamps issued in June during the stamp faire Le Salon du Timbre).

This stamp celebrates the 10th anniversary of the corporate foundation La Poste. What is to be noticed on this stamp is that it is printed on Kraft paper, hence its brown color. And even on the gum side it is brown ! It gives a very interesting result for a stamp which would have been not so interesting without that…

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