Monday, June 19, 2006

The year 1966 in stamps

At the beginning of this year, I have decided to start a new collection : I decided to gather all stamps that have been issued in 1966, the year of my birth. I don’t know why I had suddenly this idea. May be this is because I was becoming 40. In fact it was triggered by a story I read in a philatelic French newspaper where there was an article about a grand father who offered to his grand daughter, for a her 15th birthday, the complete set of the stamps of the year of her birth ! I really thought this was a nice idea and I started to check how the year 1966 was as far as stamps are concerned.
I know what you will tell me : this is an almost impossible mission. The number of stamps issued worldwide in 1966 must be quite high. And some of them have today reached prices that I will never be able to afford. But I take it as a challenge, and I’ll see what comes out from this quest.
In several months I have already accumulated a rather good number of stamps. What strikes me when I browse my collection is the very high number of beautiful stamps it contains. For instance, almost all stamps issued by France at this time are recess-printed, and some of them are very nice. Much nicer than the new issues we have had since several years. I will surely have the opportunity to show some of them to you in this blog.
My last purchase in this matter is the set of four stamps that I have selected to illustrate my post. They have been issued by Laos on the 20th of May 1966 and they picture various aspects of the local folklore. From left to right and top to bottom you can see :
- Scott 131, procession of the wax pagoda
- Scott 132, wrist-tying ceremony
- Scott 130, women building ceremonial sand hills
- Scott 129, ordination of Buddhist monk
(I mixed up the stamps when scanning them...)
I really like this set of stamps. I have other stamps from Laos, also from 1966 and they are also very beautiful.

If you have any mint stamps issued in 1966 that you want to sell or exchange, don’t hesitate to contact me. And I’m also desperately looking for a cover postmarked on the 9th of May 1966 (the day of my birth). If you have one, I would me glad to see it !

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