Thursday, June 01, 2006

United Nations stamps

I’m happy. Yesterday I have received my last purchase : the United Nations new issues for endangered species. I bought it from the UN web site. I use internet a lot to buy stamps. This new issue is a set of twelve stamps (four per office) picturing endangered amphibians and reptiles, issued in bloc of four se-tenant. To illustrate this post I have chosen the one from the office of Geneva, because this is the one I prefer. I like it because it is really colourful.
The frog on the top left corner is a Tomato Frog (Dyscohus antongilii). It is a rather large frog, that can be found mainly in Madagascar. It is usually red or orange on the back, with some black spots on the side. Its skin does not produce toxins but acts as glue to deter predators. I have a poster with a tomato frog pinned on the wall of my office.
The frog on the right bottom corner is a Golfodulcean Poison Frog (Phyllobates vitatus). This is a poison frog that can be found in Costa Rica.
Both species are endangered, as a lot of other frog species. I don’t speak about the two other stamps because I don’t much about the reptiles they picture.
I’m also glad to see that there is a small frog in the corner of the sheet… Now I have to find some time to put those stamps on my website.

I have never received any cover franked with UN stamps. I guess this is normal since, if I’m not mistaken, such covers can be sent only from the UN buildings. As I don’t know anybody working for the UN organization… I wonder if there is really a need for so many UN stamps ?
In fact I realize that I even never received a cover with a frog stamp on it. I bought some, on auction website, but I never got one directly in my mail box… This is a pity…

I swear : next time I will speak about something else than frog stamps ;-)

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