Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Philately and Internet

I use internet a lot to help me in my stamps collection. First to buy stamps. My first source is Ebay. This is the first place where I bought stamps on the net. I think I am at somewhere around 130 successful transactions now on Ebay. I never had any problems. Well, may be once only, when I bought some frog stamps that were claimed to be MNH (mint never hinged) and that finally appeared to be hinged. But after few mail exchanges, the seller has acknowledged his mistake and I got my money back. Of course you have to be careful anyway : you must really have a close look to the scan, you must read carefully the description and the feedback score of the seller. And you should not hesitate to ask questions before bidding. Furthermore I never bid on expensive stamps.
I also buy stamps from online stamps dealers. Some have very good on line catalogues and provide an easy and secured way to buy. I also buy stamps directly from foreign post offices. I have found a very useful web page that lists the web sites of a big number of foreign post offices, it can be found at
http://www.grcdi.nl/linkspo.htm . Not all post offices propose an on line shop, but a lot of them provide at least information about the stamps they issue. This is funny to see how different the service can be from one country to another. I must admit that French Post is not the best one on this matter…

I also use Internet to find information about stamps. I learn about new issues, about the subject around the stamps. For instance, I learned a lot about frogs while browsing some scientific websites to help me complete my website. Internet is really an impressive source of information. But you must know how to search for information and also you must take care that all what is written on the Net is not necessarily true.
I like to browse personal websites of stamps collectors, even if they don’t deal with my topics. Some are very nice and are full of very interesting information. I just want to mention one:
Reptiles and Amphibians on stamps which is very well done and which gave me a huge amount of information for my collection.

More recently I discovered philatelic blogs. I read a few of them almost every day and I’m always impressed by amount of things you can learn by just reading such blogs. My favourite one is the one from Michael (
cddstamps weblog) where you can learn a lot, and on top of this you can answer the quiz and get prices ! Michael does a very good job with his blog.
I wanted also to mention the other blogs that I read :
Suzi’s Stamps & Stuff, In search of stamps, Stamps Chicken Things, Akphilately. They are all very interesting and well done.
For French speaking people I recommend also a very good one,
Dominique’s weblog.

This is the very good work of those people that made me decide to start my own blog. I hope mine will be as interesting as theirs…

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Adrian said...

Hi Eric!

Great blog! I agree with most of what you're saying regarding issue policies and those mint FDC's that have never been near a postman!

Can't say though that the French "La Poste" is doing such a bad thing with their website! Have been dealing with them for quite a number of years and find them very good! Much better than say, the Irish, Belgian or Dutch PTTs!

Keep up the good work and hope to see some French subjects as well on your blog. I think French stamps are among the most beautiful of Europe, if only because so many of them are recess-printed!