Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Over-printed stamps

I have always been fascinated by over-printed stamps. I don’t know why. I know that some people are specialized in collecting over-printed stamps, and I understand that it must be a very interesting field for collection. Over-printing stamps has very often led to a lot of varieties. What is sad is that there is a lot of fakes in this area, because they are often easy to produce. So, take care when you buy over-printed stamps that are expensive.
Stamps have been over-printed for various reasons : to commemorate a specific event, because of change of postal tariff, because of change of currency, or because of change of name of the country.
The stamp I have chosen has been over-printed for the last two reasons. Originally the stamp has been issued by Basutoland in 1954. It belongs to the definitive set and pictures the searing of angora goats. It was bearing a face value of 10s. For those who don’t know, Basutoland is a former British colony located in South Africa. Before 1933, Basutoland was using stamps from South Africa, but then started to issue its own stamp. Until 1960, Basutoland was using the British monetary system. In 1961 a new currency started to be used : the Rand. This is why this stamp was re-issued in 1961 bearing a new face of 1 Rand. Then the 4th of October 1966 Basutoland became independent and took the name of Lesotho. So the same stamp was re-issued the 1st of November 1966 with “Lesotho” printed on it. A very rare variety of this stamp also exists with the name of the country misspelled as “Lseotho”. I don’t have this variety in my collection, if you have it, I’ll be happy to get a scan of it.
I guess you understand why I have this stamp in my collection. No ? 1966…? It is a part of my 1966 stamps collection (see my previous post) ;-)

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angela's ebay said...

Hi Eric!
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