Friday, June 30, 2006


LISA (for Libre Service affranchissement, i.e. self-service stamping) is the French acronym we use to name automatic stamps, also known as ATM. The standard LISA, the one you can buy in any post office, is not very nice. It is light blue and does not give a very nice result when put on a cover. Once or twice a year, the French post issues "commemorative" LISA, usually to celebrate a stamp fair such as "Le Salon d'Automne" which takes place each year in November. At this occasion, and only during the stamp fair, you can find few machines from which you can buy such commemorative LISA. Here are two examples of such labels. The first one was sold during the 57th Salon d'Automne in November 2003 and pictures monument from Paris and Luxemburg.

The second one was sold during the 58th Salon d'Automne in November 2004 and pictures monuments from Paris and Athens. Here you can also see the commemorative postmark of the stamp fair.

This is always a little bit difficult to buy such LISA. The stamp fair usually lasts only for three or four days, and there is always a big queue in front of those machines. Last year I had to wait 1H30 before being able to buy some. Very often you can find dealers, queuing in front of the machines to buy big bunch of labels. On the very first day of the issue of the LISA it even takes longer because for each label, people takes a receipt. It seems this is the way ATM are more interesting : the label and the receipt for the first day of issue. I know that collecting ATM is very famous in Germany. In France this is less the case.

Last week, during the "Salon du timbre" the French post has issued not only one but three commemorative LISA. Here is a picture of those new ones. The scan is not very good but you can see that they are quite colorful. The first LISA pictures Garnier opera house (the old opera house in Paris), the second commemorates Mozart’s year and the last one pictures exotic fruits.

It is a pity that such LISA are sold for such a short period, and only in one place. I think they should be available in a larger scale. On the other hand, may be this is the rarity that makes them interesting... As always.
If you are interested in ATM, you should visit the blog of George that is listed in my links section. It is very well done and you can see ATM from all over the world.

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