Monday, June 12, 2006

Joint issues

I’m back from a busy weekend. Full of activities but none related to stamps. Too bad.

For today’s post I wanted to speak about joint issues. I rather like the idea of two (or more) countries issuing jointly one or several stamps. I think this is a good way to show the cooperation between two different countries. I even like it more when both countries issue the stamps with the same design. Joint issue is a nice field for a collection, if I’m not wrong there is even a specialized stamp catalog listing all joint issues that have been produced so far. There are much more than what I would have thought…
Since three or four years, French post has started to produce regularly joint issues, twice or three times a year. Last year we have had one with Vatican, one with Czech republic, in 2004 there was one with Belgium and one with Canada. For 2006 we have one planned with United Nations and one with Argentina, at least.To illustrate this post I have chosen the stamps of the 2003 joint issue with India. They were issued the 1st of December 2003. The stamps from India use the same design, except that the stamps are a little bit smaller (the French stamps are rather large : 40mmx52mm) and the background is yellow instead of white. The first stamp pictures a cock from a French illumination of the 15th century.

The other one pictures a peacock on an Indian jewel from the 19th century.

I love those stamps, I think they are really beautiful. I have used them a lot on covers and they have always got a lot of success among my pen pals… Both stamps are recess-printed. They are my preferred stamps among the ones issued the last five years by the French post.

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