Thursday, June 01, 2006


Luxembourg 1985
Scott 735 - Yvert&Tellier 1086

This is it. This is the D Day. I have decided to start my philatelic blog. I’m thinking of it since several weeks. Now, it’s time to try !
I have called my blog “My philately” because I intend to speak about the stamps I like, and about the nice covers that I can get from all over the world, thanks to several philatelic pen pals or other contacts.
My objective with this blog is to write about philately, and hopefully to be read by some people so that we can exchange opinions or information about stamps.
For this first posting, I thought the best was to introduce myself, so that, you readers, can know me a bit better.
In few words, my name is Eric, I was born in 1966 in France. I live in Paris, and I work in mobile telecommunication for a big French company.
Apart from philately I have several other hobbies : rugby, science-fiction, cooking, surfing on the Web…
I collect (seriously) stamps since 6 or 7 years only. As a child, I started to collect stamps after a friend of my parents offered me a pack of 500 stamps from Spain. I remember the time I could spend putting my Spanish stamps in my album and trying to find them in the Yvert&Tellier catalog that my aunt had offered me. But, getting older, I was more and more involved in school work and could not find any time to go on with my stamps collection.
Only few years ago I suddenly decided to go back to stamp collecting and to do it seriously this time. Since then, I spend a lot of my free time trying to get stamps for my collections, learning about philately, reading philatelic newspapers, surfing the web looking for stamps sites or reading philatelic blogs.
My main collection is a topical one : I collect all philatelic material about frogs and toads. Why such topic ? It would be too long to explain. I have already gathered a quite interesting amount of stamps. I have started to build a website around my collection, if you are interested, click on the frog stamp below. And don’t forget to give me your opinion about it !
Otherwise I collect French stamps (of course), but also stamps from China, all stamps issued in 1966 (the year of my birth, just in case you forgot), stamps about rugby, science-fiction, ancient Egypt.
I’m always interested in beautiful stamps, even if they do not belong to those topics. And I’m always happy to learn the story behind the stamps. I realize every day that collecting stamps is a very good way of learning a lot about a lot of different things.
I’m a member of several philatelic associations, even though I’m not very active in them due to lack of time. I’m a member of the AFPT (Association Française de Philatélie Thématique), ATA (American topical association), APS (American philatelic society), CCCC (Covers Circuit Collectors Club), ISWSC (International society of worldwide stamps collectors), and several other covers circuits clubs.

I think that’s it for the introduction. To finish this first post a word about the stamp I chose. This is a stamp issued by Luxembourg the 23rd of September 1985. The stamp pictures a nice Hyla arborea (Green tree frog).
If you click on the stamp you will access to my website : The Philatelic Frog.

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