Monday, June 26, 2006

Do you know Andre Buzin ?

I’m back from my long and nice weekend. I’ll tell you more about my stay in Dublin in a future post. Today I want to speak about André Buzin. Do you know him ? He is a Belgian artist, specialized in paintings of animals and flora. He is famous in the philatelic world because he is the designer of the “birds” definitive stamps from Belgium since 1985. He has issued his first stamp in 1984 for Zaire, and has also issued stamps for Rwanda.
His stamps are always very impressive by the quality and the precision of their design. I like them a lot and if you don’t know already the “birds” stamps from Belgium, I invite you to have a look to the
Belgian post philatelic website. I know that some collectors have focused their collection only on stamps designed by André Buzin and if I’m not wrong there is even a philatelic association dedicated to Buzin’s stamps ! I myself own several stamps he has issued and all of them are as nice as the one I have chosen to illustrate my post.
This stamp has been issued on the 19th of April 2004 by Belgium and pictures an Eurasian Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo), one of the world’s largest owl that can be found in Europe.

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