Thursday, June 29, 2006

Cover from Slovenia, Europa and Children’s books

I finally found some time to switch on my scanner and to scan this nice cover I got last week. It comes from Slovenia and has been sent by a reader of my blog, Bob, as a late birthday gift. Thank you very much Bob. What a nice set of stamps. If I’m not wrong they are all 2006 issues, except the one on the right (with the dog) that was issued in 2005.
The blue stamp with cats on it is the 2006 Europa issue from Slovenia. The Europa subject of the year is “integration as seen by the children”. The idea to picture integration with a black cat, a white cat and a spotted kitten is rather nice. A nice way to illustrate the mixing of cultures. It makes me think that I will write something about Europa issues in a further post. By the way I have a problem with the subject of this year. I read it is “integration as seen by the children” and effectively a lot of countries have chosen some children’s drawings to illustrate their Europa stamps. But the issue from France, or even the one from Great Britain is not a child’s drawing. Does it mean they took into account only a part of the subject ? Are there other countries that took some liberties with the subject ?
I also like the second stamp from the left. It pictures Twinkle Sleepyhead a character from a children’s book. It has been issued together with the fourth stamp from the left, that pictures Spotty the ball. If somebody has some information about those two characters I would be happy to learn about them. I like children’s stories ;-)

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I just want to say I really enjoy your blog. I also like Michael's cddstamps blog. Job well done.