Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bad mood... and away to Dublin

Yes I’m in a bad mood today. I was supposed to have a day off and to take this opportunity to visit the stamp fair that is running in Paris since last weekend (Le Salon du Timbre et de l’Ecrit) but due to too much work I had to cancel this day off ! And I won’t be able to visit the fair. Too bad. Last time in 2004 it was the same, I could not go there because of work.
Anyway, a good news. Tonight I’ll leave for a three days weekend to Dublin. May be I’ll have the opportunity to deal with stamps there, who knows ? I have been once to Dublin already. For a rugby match. This time it is just to visit. And enjoy. To illustrate this post I searched for a non Irish stamp picturing Dublin and I found this one. It is from Poland. It has been issued on the 25th of October 2005 and it belongs to a set of five stamps about capital cities of the European Union (the other cities pictured in the set are : Paris, Lisbon, Budapest and Vilnius). So that’ll be all for today… See you on Monday and have a great time with yours stamps

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