Friday, June 09, 2006

2006 Soccer world cup in Germany

I could hardly choose another topic for today's post ! In case you don't know it already, today is the start of the 2006 Soccer world cup in Germany. I'm not really a big fan of soccer (I prefer rugby) but still, this is a big event that one can not ignore. Everybody in France hopes that french team (that we call "Les Bleus") will do the same miracle than in 1998 and will win the cup. And everybody prays so that we don't have the same nightmare than in 2002 where the team was out after the first round ! Myself I do not really believe we have our chances, I would really bet on a final between Brazil and Germany.

I illustrated this post with the souvenir sheet issued by french post to commemorate this new world cup. It has been issued on the 29th of May 2006 and it bears not less than ten stamps ! ( the stamps are not sold individually). I don't really find the sheet very beautiful but I like its originality : the round stamps (France issued round stamps for the first time in 1998 for.. guess what... the soccer worl cup !), the mixture of stamps with various shapes, the stamps in the corners which are not aligned with the sheet...

In case you don't understand french, the stamps in the corners are picturing from left to right and top to bottom : the substitutes, the supporters, the coaches and the journalists. The round stamps picture various soccer actions. And the last stamp pictures a referee (with the traditional yellow jersey). I really appreciate that they chose to picture a referee. I do have a deep respect for referees, in all sports. I think they are doing a very difficult job.

In a future post I'll speak a bit more about souvenir sheets, in general, and I will share with you my opinion about the ones issued by France.

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